Investing is a something I look into heavily, and while Investing is not the focus of this blog due to me wanting you to build a stable and sound income, it is something you should look at in the long term. I usually tend to look at dividend stocks with a good yield to put my money in after saving a bunch of it, because i am always in the notion that i want my money to work for me.

If you don’t want to look at individual stocks and diversify, you can always look at mutual funds and etfs.  They tend to be good at diversified stocks/bonds and whatever you prefer to have.

Why Diversify?

Simple. Friday as of this writing the market as a whole went down due to worries that the Federal Reserve Bank  is still on track to raise interest rates for borrowing money. This does at least two things that I can think of:

1. Businesses will now pay more to borrow money for operations and other business investment activities, and thus profits could potentially go down or business spending could potentially slow down. Businesses may also stop new growth in some areas of business as well.  It is all speculative, but investors are not taking any chances, thus they are moving their money.

2. Investors may start to put money in bonds/CD’s and such as they are more safer investments with little to no risk to the downside.

So if you diversify, essentially you will hedge yourself from these changes and you can still make money or for the most part, keep your money in a down market.  So always hedge your money.  You worked hard to get it, and I know you would want to keep it that way.

What to invest?

That depends on you.  Investors usually like ETFS and Mutual Funds.  I would suggest you try looking for a broker and at least talk to a broker about your goals. They will be able to help you and find a good fund for you.  I have made money on both so it’s a matter of opinion and how you feel about it.

Where to Invest?

That also depends on you. I like TD Ameritrade. They have great customer service and Free Mutual funds/ETF’s to get into. A year or two ago, I didn’t know anything about this stuff, but I did go head first and took the time out and learn this stuff.  If i can do it, you can too!

Other than that, I think whether you put it in a Bank fund (IRA,Money Market, CD) or investment fund like mutual fund or ETF, make your money work for you. Do not just let it sit in a bank and depreciate.

Disclaimer Note: Joe nor Meminds is not a actual licensed investor and this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All investments involve risk and seek professional advice from a licensed investment professional.

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