I Finally Did It!

I honestly did not think i would create this blog because of the fact that that i didn’t think it would be good enough. Maybe it was the fear of failure that is usually upon you when you do something you never done before.  I feel that I have a story that can touch multiple people and I want to share how i did it.  One day i was looking at my finances and I was like how did I get here? I had a decent paying job for most middle class workers and I just did not have the income I thought I should have. I needed a car and when i was getting that car, I noticed that I was down to last $500 in my savings.  I told myself that day that something has to change and i have to get this under control.

One of the things I had to do is admit to myself that I thought I knew how to use money, but I really do not know.  Most people think that spending money or putting it into a bank is how to use money, but that is totally opposite of how to use money.  Your money should always be working for you and that is something i would need to explain to you over time.  Once I learned how to fully use money, sky’s the limit.

Along the way, I picked up some skills on my own and through other people with home based businesses.  I think that in the future i may be able to use those skills in order to step away from my job and focus on what i like to do, which is spending time with my family and travel.  I recently did a website for someone, and i realized this:  It did not feel like work to me.  It was something i liked to do and it turned on a switch for me for another goal to work towards.

This is What I suggest you do:

  1. Clear your mind of money related stress and not worry about that
  2. Forget everything you thought you knew about money and follow this blog to see how i turned my money misfortunes around.

I honestly started this plan with only $500 bucks and now i could leave and take multiple vacations and not work because of simple steps that i followed.  I cannot say this will work for everyone, but a foundation will help you dramatically.

Thanks for reading.

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