Are you Saving?

When i ask that question, I get all kinds of responses. I’ll just go to the main ones i get and dispel some things about those habits. Saving to me is different from what some people think I like to do. Some people save for rainy days. But since rainy days are far and few between, they end up using that money for other things. Some people say they put away some cash here and there but they do not set a clear goal of what they want. Some people just don’t do it at all and say why save when you can live now.

Saving does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself. You can still go out and have fun and do things and not worry too much about finances when you do save. Living paycheck to paycheck is something I won’t do and I feel like most people do. If you have no choice in the matter, that is OK, as family and bills are first. But if you make more than enough and still not saving, then lifestyle changes are in order. If you feel like you can’t save at all, then try it this way and you may like this way.

  1. Saving for me did not work when i saw the money from saving on a regular basis.  It also didn’t work when I had instant access to the account I was saving in. Find an account that separate from your accounts, however easy to deposit money into or even direct deposit.
  2. Try to get a set amount to put in it, like $20 to $25 per pay period and then work you way up to higher amounts. If you can do more than that, that is great, however don’t over stretch yourself. What I mean by that is putting it away, then taking it right back out after a few days or a week. Just leave yourself some wiggle room to play around with.
  3. Sit back and make milestone goals. $100 goal, $500 goal, and so on. Not only will you feel good and empowered, you will also see for yourself that you can do it. Since you earned it, you will definitely be more cautious and reluctant to blow it all.

These things are the things I did to start saving and continue saving. I am pretty much happy with my saving agenda and i stay on my plan and keep raising my milestone. I will be writing up a free guide to saving soon and helping you save in more detail and what i did to achieve that. Be ready for that in the coming weeks.

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