My $75 Mistake

Well it wasn’t that much but it was enough to think about.  I  just started back doing stuff online and looking for new ways to make money online.  I decided to go with a traffic source and… Continue reading


Investing is a something I look into heavily, and while Investing is not the focus of this blog due to me wanting you to build a stable and sound income, it is something you should look at in the long… Continue reading

Are you Saving?

When i ask that question, I get all kinds of responses. I’ll just go to the main ones i get and dispel some things about those habits. Saving to me is different from what some people think I like to… Continue reading

Are Credit Cards Bad?

Ah The Credit Card.  I remember when i got my first one about 7 years ago. I was like cool these could come in handy. I was in college at the time and mines was used for different things.… Continue reading

I Finally Did It!

I honestly did not think i would create this blog because of the fact that that i didn’t think it would be good enough. Maybe it was the fear of failure that is usually upon you when you do something… Continue reading